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We are a group of concerned Alumnae who are fighting for the survival of Mills College, for Women's Education and Liberal Arts. At a time in history when women are still taking to the streets to protest, we can not afford to lose one more safe space for women, for LGTBQ+, for people of color.

We are honored you're here. 

Let's make our voices heard. Let's bring awareness to the world about the importance of this 169-year old beacon of higher education. It's a treasure that California can not afford to lose.

As the first historically women's college on the West Coast, it is rich with history and tradition.

Mills College has always been a place where women and the marginalized can find their voice and their passion. It's a very special place where leaders are born to change the world.

We are Una Destinatio Viae Diversae,

One Destination, Many Paths.

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