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The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) needs to hear from you.

The BPPE is here to protect students and consumers:

"against fraud, misrepresentation, or other business practices at private postsecondary institutions that may lead to loss of students' tuition and related educational funds;

establishing and enforcing minimum standards for ethical business practices and the health and safety and fiscal integrity of postsecondary education institutions; and establish and enforcing minimum standards for instructional quality and institutional stability for all students in all types of private postsecondary educational and vocational institutions."


- You Can File Your Complaint Anonymously -

Grab a template by subject. Click on the yellow boxes below, cut/paste into a blank doc and add some personal touches. Choose the one that best fits you or (and we highly encourage you) submit each one, one at a time. The more complaints the BPPE receives, the higher the likelihood they will take action. Grab your classmates, friends, parents, neighbors, relatives and invite everyone to file complaints ASAP.




Mills  is NOT "broke"

Send to the Political Oversight Committee of BPPE via U.S. Mail


- Litigation Is Also An Option -

Contact Us To Learn More


1990 People Magazine, Mills College Student Strike

1. Speech

The First Amendment ensures that you cannot be punished for exercising free speech rights, even if the Mills College Administration doesn't approve. 

Yet, This Is Happening:

- ASMC's email access to the student body has been cut off.

- Student protests were stopped by security.

- Communications from Alums have been stopped on Mills Go. There is no effort to connect students and alums or continue the legacy of this network.

- The Campanile news barely reflects the opposition's position.

How does this affect you?

2. disability

Federal law protects discrimination against students with disabilities. You cannot be denied equal access to academic courses, field trips, extracurricular activities, school technology, and health services.

Mills: On-site medical services have been suspended for some time. How has this affected you? Are your ADA needs being met? Is the College meeting your emotional/mental health needs?


3. LGBT Rights

LGBT students have a right to be who they are and express themselves at school. Mills College Administration must create a safe learning environment.

Mills College Administration remains silent on the accusation that our 58% LGBTQ student body is a "marketing problem" and to blame for the closure of the school. 

How does this make you feel?

Sign The Petition

Demand that Attorney General Bonta investigate these allegations and stop the merge. At Bonta's request, the Save Mills Coalition hired an outside forensic accountant. He concluded that Mills does NOT need to close. A second independent report came to the same conclusion. 


Let Your Voice Be Heard


American Civil Liberties Union

ACLU Student Rights

ACLU National Contact Information

ACLU Northern California

File A Complaint

FTC (Federal Trade Commission)

File for Fraud

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