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Mills College Lays Off Over Half Its Faculty

On Friday of last week the Provost’s Office sent letters to 89 Mills faculty indicating that their contracts “would not be renewed in [their] entirety for the 2022-23 academic year.” This will leave a majority of faculty unemployed as of the end of the spring term. While we recognize that the merger with Northeastern University has led to some delays in course assignments for 2022-23, it is unfathomable that Mills would decide to terminate employment for so many of its valuable faculty—some of whom have taught at Mills for well over ten years—especially given the repeated claims by both NU and Mills that no one would be laid off and that there would likely be more students and classes on campus as a result of the merger, and the fact that Mills has been able to offer contracts to a select few adjuncts despite the same uncertainties used as justification for the non-renewal notices.. Additionally, the provost’s office gave no indication as to the status of employee benefits and access to Mills email, offices, etc., so that even if some adjunct faculty are eventually offered positions for next year, we run the risk of being effectively shut out from normal summer working conditions and access. Needless to say, the Mills Faculty Adjunct Union stands in opposition to such cavalier terminations, done with little or no consultation with department chairs, in a moment of transition to a partnership with NU that can only benefit from the continued inclusion of its diverse, beloved and loyal faculty, who have devoted years of service to Mills. This action shows little regard or respect for the work, talents, and job security of the faculty who have helped make Mills what it is today. Please contact President Hillman and the Provost’s Office to demand an explanation and that the College meet *immediately* with union representatives to discuss our concerns. Thank you for your support.
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