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We are a concerned group of Alums fighting for transparency & justice in the illegal handover of mills college to northeastern university

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Students Win!

On November 11, 2023, Judge Seligman (Superior Court for the State of CA for the County of Alameda) granted preliminary approval to a $1.25 million settlement for students who "claimed they were mislead, and forced to spend more on education, when the formerly all women's college merged with coed Northeastern University last year. 

This is a HUGE WIN for everyone fighting for the truth in this apparent hand-over! 

Rezoning rejected!

The Oakland City Council has heard our voices! They have removed the rezoning proposal that would have allowed for private real estate development, including condominiums and retail along the edges of campus. This is a huge WIN and we humbly thank alums and friends for sending in your statements that turned the tide!

From Lakshmi Rajagopalan, Oakland's General Plan Team

"Staff held three public hearings on the Zoning Amendments at the 3.15.23 and 4.12.23 meetings of the Zoning Update Committee (ZUC) of the Planning Commission and the 5.1.23 meeting of the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board (LPAB).  Staff received 39 public comments (letters, emails, and in-person statements at hearings) from the community on the proposed amendments. 


In response to community's concerns, no zoning or height changes are proposed

for the Mills College campus." 

Comments from Spring 2023

Comments - 1/3 from Mills Alums and Friends - Fall 2022




Congratulations to Mills Alum, Mayor Sheng Thao! Sheng is Oakland's Mayor and is pressing forward with an investigation of this acquisition. Mills Alums are busily strategizing! We are calling for all hands on deck! If you have a law or political background or if you are on fire to get justice for Mills, her faculty, staff, students, campus and community, connect with us ASAP.

Read the Press Release.

Sign The Petition to Investigate!




Dear Senator,


We are writing with our deep concern over the sale of Mills College, in Oakland, California. On November 11, 2023, the Honorable Judge Seligman, (Superior Court for the State of CA, County of Alameda) granted preliminary approval to a $1.25 million settlement for students who "claimed they were mislead, and forced to spend more on education, when the formerly all women's college merged with coed Northeastern University last year."


In light of this ruling and data documenting Mills’ solid financial standing, we believe the Mills College Board of Trustees has been misled by President Elizabeth Hillman and, in allowing this “merger” to move forward, has subsequently failed to execute its full duties.


Given that the value of Mills’ assets is estimated be in excess of $1billion, this “deal” is not an acquisition—and certainly not a merger—it is purely a gift. Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, acquired Mills for no more than the value of its debt—just over $30 million.


We ask that you join us and the City of Oakland in demanding a thorough investigation of this acquisition.


Dr. Miquel Cardona

Secretary of Education

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


Honorable Senator Alex Padilla

Senate Committee on the Judiciary

112 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Honorable Senator Laphonza Butler

Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room G-12

Washington, DC 20510


Honorable Representative Barbara Lee

2470 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC, 20515-0513

Independent analysis confirms:

Mills is viable

And Does NOT Need To Be Saved


Further investigation reveals:

Endowment +$35M
Alumnae Fundraising +$9.4M


* After reaching record enrollment, the student recruitment focus was narrowed and the student body shrank.
* Tenured faculty fired.
* Faculty denied a cost-of-living increase for almost 10 years.

meanwhile... administrative spending grows until it completely exceeds all other budgets,
even the budget for instruction.


  • Administrative Spending Up $3.6M

  • Positive Cash Flow, Debt Paid Off: $2.3M

  • Endowment Grew 20%; Value $225.6M

$23.6M was spent on Administration which is $6.6M MORE than it spent on Instruction.

In Perspective: It's about $12M more on Administration compared to similarly sized colleges.

see the AUDIT

see the reports

* independent analysis 
* requested by
   CA's Attorney General  


For 169 YEARS, Mills has always provided underserved students access to a top-ranked college education. This diverse community that includes the largest LGBTQ student population of any U.S. College, students of color and moms, along with traditional aged students, will lose out when this 

is GONE.


In a letter to President Hillman, a small group of alumnae blame the 58% LGBTQ student body for the college's financial issues - calling them a "marketing problem." To compound the statement even further,

the President, a lesbian herself,

has remained silent. 

Read the letter. 

Support our LGBTQ community by

signing our petition. 


One of the oldest LGBTQ refuges in America is on the verge of being erased.

SF Chronicle, 10/23/21

The Mills Gay Agenda Op Ed

Mills College Student Paper

The Campanil


Student perspective

Mills students are in the midst of transferring. Hear from a recent transfer who is now at Susan Mills' alma mater, Mt. Holyoke

(class of 1845). Susan received her undergraduate degree at

Mt. Holyoke, taught for several years around the world and eventually founded Mills College where she

served as President for 19 years.

listen now

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And, Yes, the judge agrees with us.

He disagreed with the demurrer filed by the College and dropped it.

Learn More!


Find the financial data requested by CA Attorney General Rob Bonta that proves

Mills College is not in financial peril. 

Learn More & Support the Continued Work!

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